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On behalf of our company, I am taking this opportunity to introduce you to our company and the services that we offer. Ashapura Enterprise was established in 2011 and we are in the food industry for the past few years. We continue to strive to deliver an uncompromising quality that has helped cement our reputation in the industry. 

It would be a great honor if your company will be added to our list of clients. We would be more than glad to assist you in this noble enterprise. For more details, feel free to contact us. 

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Services we provide

We have type and 17 grades of wheat available in our company. We chose our grain quality on by the ground on which wheat is grown and the climate of the area in which it is grown.

The five types of wheat according to sector

  • North western plain zone (NWPZ)

    This zone covers part of sub-humid Satlej-Ganga Alluvial plains and arid western plains comprises Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Rajasthan, western Uttar Pradesh, part of Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh and contributes nearly 45% production from 37% of total area under wheat in India. Growing season is relatively short starting from November to April. Triticum aestivum species of wheat is dominates in this zone.

    Nutrition value of this wheat are

    Nutrition Value (in percentage%)
    Protein (%) 11.19
    moisture(%) 10.65
    Test Weight 78.7
    Sedimentation value(cc) 40
    Hardness 5.4
    Extraction rate(%) 69.4
    Total defects(%) 8.56
  • North eastern plain zone(NEPZ)

    This zone covers sub-humid Satluj-Ganga alluvial plains, humid Bengal-Assam basin, humid eastern Himalayan region and Bay of Island. The zone comprises eastern Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Orissa, West Bengal, Assam, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh and other eastern states and contributes about 24% of total production of wheat from 27% area. Crop season start from November till March/April, however, cool seasons are relatively short in this zone.

    Nutrition Value (in percentage%)
    Protein (%) 11.13
    moisture(%) 10.89
    Test Weight 79
    Sedimentation value(cc) 45
    Hardness 5.5
    Extraction rate(%) 70.4
    Total defects(%) 9.62
  • Central zone(CZ)

    Parts of arid western plains, semi-arid lava plateau, Central highland (north) India and sub-humid to humid eastern and south-eastern upland comprise this zone. This zone contributes nearly 17% area and 13% production. Crop is sown during October and harvested by March. Triticum durum is exclusively grown in this zone

    Nutrition Value (in percentage%)
    Protein (%) 11.62
    moisture(%) 9.9
    Test Weight 81.4
    Sedimentation value(cc) 43
    Hardness 5.6
    Extraction rate(%) 69.8
    Total defects(%) 6.57
  • Peninsular zone(PZ)

    The Deccan plateau, Western Ghats, central highlands (south) and Karnataka plateau comprise this zone. This zonecontributes 6% area and 2.5% production of wheat. The crop is sown during later half of October and harvested by March. T. aestivum, T. durum and T. dicoccum are cultivated in this zone. Thermo-sensitive varieties are most preferred.

    Nutrition Value (in percentage%)
    Protein (%) 12.56
    moisture(%) 11.03
    Test Weight 80.5
    Sedimentation value(cc) 41
    Hardness 6.7
    Extraction rate(%) 69.6
    Total defects(%) 6.53
  • Northen hill zone(NHZ)

    It covers the humid western Himalayan regions which includes Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh. Nearly 4% of area and 3% of production of the Indian wheat is contributed by this zone.Crop durations are long starting from October/November, end in May/June. On higher hills the crop is sown in May/June and harvested in October/November.

    Nutrition Value (in percentage%)
    Protein (%) 10.14
    moisture(%) 11.71
    Test Weight 79.5
    Sedimentation value(cc) 34
    Hardness 5.1
    Extraction rate(%) 68.2
    Total defects(%) 7.14

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